Botox and Dermal Filler Charting.....Simplified.

A MUST for any office that delivers injectables like

 Botox, Dysport, Juvederm, or Restylane

Go Clinical with your iPad

Isn't it time to use your iPad for clinical documentation & charting?  Imagine gather health history, digital signature capture, pre & post - operative picture acquisition, and clinical charting....all using your iPad.  All using this ONE app!  The new standard in efficiency for injectable documentation and charting!

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Patient Health Data

Gathering perntinent patient data information.  Specific health questions regarding treatment for botox and dermal fillers.

Space at the bottom to enter additional clinical notes about that patient.

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Custom Consent forms & Digital Signature Capture

Ability to place your office's own consent forms for both Botox and Dermal Fillers.

Digital Signature capture included on this screen

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Pre & Post-operative Photos

Using the iPad's integrated camera function- you can gather pre-operative photographs with ease!

These pictures are then integrated in the PDF document and can be save on the iPad too!

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"Drag and Drop" Charting

Simply "drag and Drop" units of Botox (or Dsyport) from the right column of this screen. 

The app calculates the number of units, as well as the number of injection sites!  Simplied billing for front office

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Dermal Filler Charting

Using your finger or stylus, you can denote exactly where the fillers were placed.

Notes can be placed on the green sticky note as to volumes, technique, or placement.

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PDF generation

All the data is now aggregated in to a PDF document, including pictures, notes....everything!

The Clinician can now choose to print via Airprint, Save PDF to a Dropbox account, Send the PDF to office administrator.   You can even send customize Post-Operative instructions to the patient from this screen.

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Customized Consent Forms 

You can "Cut and Paste" your own consent forms in here.  This is the consent where the patient will digital sign

Additionally, you can add your office's logo here so that it's integrated in each PDF chart.

app image

Custom Post-Op Instructions 

Want to easily sent post-operative instructions to that patient for Botox, Filler or Both?   You can place your custom post-operative instructions here and they can be sent directly from your ipad!

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